The good done great.

Since we began delivering to Rochester in 2021, Vandy’s has been about one thing: quality. To us, that means small batch everything. Insistence on consistency. And good old fashioned TLC, down to the trichome. It also means an exceptional customer experience. We’ve seen how confusing cannabis has become – from an overwhelming amount of providers and products, to inconsistent batches, to confusing legal guidelines – and we think it’s time to make things simple again. When you need help, our friendly virtual budtenders can answer questions you have. When you’re ready to buy, our wide selection of products is easy to browse and buy. And when it’s time to deliver, we get you your product quickly, safely, and discreetly. We’ll even shoot you a text on the way. Let’s get back to enjoying the plant we all love.


Quality is our top priority. Which means superior product, small batch everything, and insistence on consistency.


We build sustainability into everything we do – from SUP-free packaging, to rolling glass buybacks, to the most energy-efficient indoor growing techniques.


We stay engaged in cannabis education – both consumers’ and our own – through our Cannabis Cum Laude podcast, our For:20 Speaker Series, and our regularly published thought leadership pieces.


We stay true to our roots by using local vendors, engaging at community events, and reinvesting in our operation to better serve our loyal customers.


We’re on the front lines of the cause, making our voice heard among business and political circles to move cannabis forward as a safe, fair, legal and equitable industry.

We’re glad you found us, and hope you’ll take some time to explore our inventory and learn more about what makes us a cannabis provider you can trust. For additional information, questions about ordering, or other related inquiries, get in touch with Vandy’s by visiting our secure, confidential contact page.

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